Adjusting Your Environment: How Lighting Affects Cannabis Cultivation


U.S, February 4, 2020 (CANNABISTECH) Join this FREE webcast to understand the impact of lighting on all other environmental factors, so that you can grow smarter and bring the highest quality plants to your customers.

Despite cannabis’s meteoric rise—or perhaps because of it—there is no set of regulated, standardized best practices for growers. But as cultivators better identify customer needs and ultimately seek to advance their production methods, it is critical to identify and explore the interconnectedness between a grow’s comprehensive environmental makeup. How a grower distributes light, for example, is a critical first step in determining how to optimize a grow for yield and plant quality. Understanding the impact of lighting on all other environmental factors—such as nutrient enrichment, HVAC and integrated pest management—will enable cannabis cultivators to grow smarter and bring the highest quality plants to their customers.

In this webinar, Sean Sangster, project manager for Fluence by OSRAM’s horticulture services team, will discuss:

*Horticultural lighting basics and light’s role in plant responses.

*Lighting’s effect on other key environmental inputs in a cannabis facility.

*Considerations for lighting in regard to integrated pest management strategies.

Sean Sangster, Project Manager, Horticulture Services for Fluence by OSRAMSean Sangster has spent the last decade helping cultivators optimize their farms and grow facilities for maximum production and quality. His in-depth horticultural knowledge combined with years of hands-on growing experience have spanned both commercial crop and cannabis production, uniquely positioning him as an expert project manager within Fluence’s horticulture services team. Sean holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in supply chain management from the Wayne Huizenga College of Business at Nova Southeastern University.