New Year, New Weed: Illinois Kicks Off 2020 with Recreational Cannabis Sales


U.S, January 2, 2020 (MERRYJANE) Hundreds of cannabis customers waited in line on New Year’s Day to celebrate adult-use legalization in Illinois — including the state’s Lieutenant Governor, who bought some weed-infused gummies.

Chicago resident Renzo Mejia spent the last hour of 2019 standing in line. But by the time the sun rose on the first day of 2020, Mejia made history as the first person to legally purchase adult-use weed in the state of Illinois. 

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Midwest’s newest legal weed market made its first sale at 6:08am on January 1st, finally ending decades of prohibition and persecution in the Prairie State. To celebrate the momentous occasion, cannabis users across Illinois waited in long lines through the early morning hours of New Year’s Day to get their hands on the state’s first batch of legal bud.

“To be able to have [recreational marijuana] here is just mind-boggling,” Mejia, who purchased an eighth of Motorbreath flower, told the Sun-Times. “To be able to now make the first purchase in Chicago… it’s just surreal.”

Along with Mejia and hordes of other cannabis lovers, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Julianna Stratton was also on hand at Chicago’s Sunnyside Lakeview dispensary to make her own purchase — a pack of clementine-flavored THC-infused gummies. In an interview after her pot shop visit, Lt. Gov. Stratton told reporters that she was proud to see the state’s social-equity focused legalization program reach fruition. 

“We believe the social equity aspects of this legislation should be a model for the entire country,” Stratton said outside of the cannabis shop. “Yesterday, Governor Pritzker pardoned 11,017 low-level cannabis arrests and convictions. That’s just the beginning. We have hundreds of thousands more who will be eligible for having their records expunged. That’s a big deal.”

But amidst the long lines and New Year’s cheer, Illinois first day of legalization came with its own share of concerns and complications. 

For starters, Illinois weed immediately became some of the most expensive in the nation, with eighth ounce packages of flower selling for as much as $80. And since the recreational supply was limited across the state, a number of dispensaries set customer purchase limits. By the end of the day, a number of Chicago dispensaries had already run out of product and had to refuse service to hopeful customers.