Cannabis Investment In Canada

Cannabis Investment In Canada

Cannabis is quite popular in Canada and it is considered as one of the most viable investments in the country today.

After cannabis was legalized for medical and recreational use, analysts think it could drive the country’s cannabis industry on a high road. It is believed that the country’s cannabis industry will reach $22.6 billion in yearly revenue.

Canada’s cannabis industry was legalized on a federal level. Now, there are many cannabis producers in the country.

Cannabis investment can start with stocks. In these categories, Horizons Marijuana Life Science Index ETF is a popular name. Recovering by 49%, its shares are valued at $20.90 per share now (as of May 21st, 2019). It is a well-known name in the industry and a well-reputed name in Canada.

Canada favors cannabis investment especially after the US Farm Bill was passed on December 21st, 2018, which legalized cannabis and related products in the country.

How To Get Started On Cannabis Investment In Canada

Top Cannabis Investment Choices

CuraLeaf Holdings Inc.

CuraLeaf Holdings is a multi-state cannabis operator. Based in the United States, it has had a high growth and it focuses on quality, reliability, and trust.

The company is operational in 12 states and it has about 12 cultivation sites, 42 dispensaries, and 11 processing sites.

CuraLeaf Holdings Inc. has a market cap $6.54 billion, and a revenue of $34.9 million, YTD return of 103.1% and a 1-month total return of -1.9%.

Cannex Capital Holdings Inc.

Cannex Group Holdings Inc. is based in Canada. With its cannabis operations operating in California and Washington, Cannex focuses on delivering extraction, manufacturing, branding of derivative products and edible products.

Cannex Capital Holdings Inc. has a market cap of about $307.2 million and a revenue growth of $3.1 million. With a YTD return of 83.7%, Cannex Capital Holdings Inc. is leading from the front.

Cannex is a well-known cannabis company that promises high returns in the short and long run both if you are wise about your choices.

MediPharm Labs Corp

MediPharm Labs is the 1st company in Canada to get an ACMPR.

It produced purified cannabis oils that are good for pharmacies as well. They come with cGMP-approved license and are worth ISO standard clean labs.

It is expected that MediPharm Labs will be supplying Cronos Group with nearly $30.0M cannabis concentrates in the last 18 months.

With a market cap of $783.4 million, revenue of the company in the first quarter was $22.0 million. Additionally, with a 33.8% 1-month total return, the YTD return of the company is valued at 309.2%.

Aphria (APHA)

Aphria is a topper and it has had consistent performances. The company has generated positive returns and earnings. It has a good performance on the stock exchange.

During recent months, Aphria (APHA)’s had an annual production capacity of 115,000 KG.

It is a pretty decent company and one worth investing in.

If you are looking to invest in cannabis, in Canada, know that you can do it through ETFs, through over the exchange quarters, stocks and other exchanges.

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